Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just a few random shots

Just a few random shots taken over the last week or so. Uploaded to My Google+ profile as usual.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Over the bay

Some shots over Port Phillip Bay last night.  Added to this album on Google+.


Inspired by +Ananda Sim's "Just get out there and shoot" methodology, as followed in This post by  +Trace McLean, I ventured out, not quite out of my driveway, but the exact opposite direction, into my back yard, and captured these images.  Added to this album on Google+.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Roadworks on Riversdale Road, Camberwell.

See more on Google+

Photo a day challenge

Back in September I started taking part in the Fat mum slim photo a day challenge, and while I only lasted a little over a month it has been a very positive experience.

Even after I stopped taking shots for the challenge I have been taking more shots while out and about with my phone.

The images I shot for the challenge can be seen in this Google plus album.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Swanston Street by Night

See more in my album on Google+

Melbourne in a moment competition

Time for some shameless self promotion.

One of my pictures is listed in the People's Choice Award for the Melbourne in a moment competition along with a whole heap of other fantastic work, so take a trip over there and if you like it, then like it, along with any others that you like. :)

A couple of the other +Melbourne Photowalk regulars, +Luster Lai and +Saiful Nasir, also have images in the long list, Luster is currently (at time of writing) way out in front.

Voting ends on November 30th.

The under 18 list

Monday, May 07, 2012

Photo Walk Revisited

Sunday brought 2 events for the +Melbourne Photo Walkers.

Firstly, #thewalkdownunder revisited, a re-walk of the earlier Google+ Australia wide photo walk.  Starting at the must more respectable time of 9:30am we missed the early light but didn't have to rise with the sparrows.

As a last minute decision I decided to limit myself, and shoot the whole walk using my Lens Baby (double glass optic) lens.  This is a selective focus, manual focus lens, with a focal length of approximately 50mm.  This also meant limiting the aperture, as changing the aperture of a Lens Baby means removing a small magnetic disc with a certain size hole, and inserting another small magnetic disc with a different sized hole, and this can be fiddly so one tends to stick with an aperture for a while.

The shots are a little different this time, due to the challenges of using a fixed focal length, and the unique properties of the Lens Baby. 

A much smaller group this time, once again starting at Federation Square, and wandering up towards Bourke Street via lane ways and malls.

After a (not so) quick coffee stop at Bourke Street the group meandered up Elizabeth Street towards the Vic Market. Elizabeth Street is home to a number of camera shops, and there was some window shopping (and real shopping for some) on the way.

After wandering around the Market for a while we regrouped at Flagstaff Gardens, then wandered back through lane ways and alley ways before those who were attending the second event, the moon walk split off and headed out to the Dandenongs.

So, as last time, I didn't make it to the end of the walk, and instead headed off to Kallorama to shoot the super-moon, but that will have to wait for another post.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Light Painting, something new.

On Wednesday I went along to a Light Graffiti Shoot with the good people from +Melbourne Photo Walk.

Starting off beforehand with a few shots around Flinders Street and the area around the National Gallery of Victoria before people arrived, then off into the nearby parkland for the main event.  After a while of shooting around the fountain we headed off into Queen Victoria Gardens, where it was a little darker, for some fire spinning shots.

Not something I have done before, but I managed to get some good shots, and had a great time too. Can't wait for the next +Melbourne Photo Walk event.

Check out my album of Images from the shoot.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Change of plan

I have decided to change things around a bit, the overhead of maintaining my website, blogs, and other profiles was making updates a chore rather than fun, so I have decided to simplify things.

My website, was in need of an update, and adding new images was a lengthy process, so it will be retired, and act as a simple redirect URL to my Google+ Profile instead.

I had been using a tumblr blog, amongst other things, as a news feed for the website, I will no longer be updating that blog (not that I had updated in a while, because I hadn't).

My Flickr Pro account is up for renewal in a week or so, and I am not planning on renewing.  I just don't use Flickr enough these days to justify it.  I will probably still update it occasionally, but is likely to be a long way behind the images posted to Google+, and will have all the restrictions of a free account, so not all that useful really.

My RedBubble account, well, RedBubble has been bugging me for a while, it is a chore to get new images in there as they have not provided an API, other services allow uploads via an API from products like LightRoom which makes workflow easy.  I have sold a few images via RedBubble, but overall I feel it isn't actually worth the trouble of maintaining it for the small number of sales it generates, granted, I am not terribly active there which is probably not helping sales.  I did write a Perl Module to upload images automatically, which worked for a time, but then RedBubble changed their site and it stopped working. I could put in the effort to fix it up, but there is no saying it won't break again, in fact it is likely that it would.  To add to this, I had linked to products on the RedBubble site from my website, which was great until RedBubble decided to change all the URLs (no notification of course) which broke all those links.
So, long story short, RedBubble is in the Too Hard basket, and, like with Flickr, my use of it will most likely fade even more.

So, the new plan.

I will upload photos to Google+ and provide updates there.  And I will update this blog occasionally where a blog is a more appropriate forum than Google+ provides.

I already have a list of other profiles on my Google+ profile, and most of them are marked as either unused or used only occasionally.

Long story short, I'm on Google+ now.
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